Passionate thunderstorm.

A bolt of lightning tore across the sky and a peal of thunder followed; the rains lashed out in fury with raging wind. I love the forked flash of lighting and the applauding clap of thunder that follows it. The sighing wind thrashed the tree tops as the branches shook. The lightning and thunder continued their affair incessantly   with passion. The thundering sheet of rain lashed in fury and then subsided into a tender blowing breeze with a drizzle.

A thunderstorm is likened to the intense emotions that go on inside you.  Being embarrassed by your feeling is like being afraid of the climatic conditions because euphoric emotions are the weather conditions of the inner self, the real you. It’s not surprising that thunderstorm often bring out powerful emotions, ranging from excitement to fear…igniting your deeper selves. They have a great impact on you. It is the calm after a storm that matters.



The fading sun.

The first impression while watching a sunset is that it is a beautiful and mystifying creation of the nature that leaves a great image in beholder’s mind,  however, sometimes those images  associate with a comparison of the sunset of one’s life. Yet I believe that I can find inner peace by being in direct contact with Mother Nature and her creations that fill me with wonder and tranquil moments watching the breathtaking view. All I know being one with sunrise or sunset is that I’ve found my happy place, where I find my answers.

One of the most beautiful aspects of watching a sunset is the mango rays disappearing slowly behind thick dark clouds as if the sun itself had a specific time schedule tuned by an hourglass. As darkness slowly creeps upon the dying light, the entire landscape becomes different. The sky becomes an index of the most beautiful colors , the azure sky fading into   twilight colour so pure. My rendezvous with the sun always leaves me in a trance and all I do is let the sunset paint before my eyes, with its palette of colors.

For those moments nothing else mattered except the beauty of the setting sun. It makes me realize that peace in my soul is just a sunset away and cleansing my  soul is just as easy as standing there, all pores open, and letting the sights blow my mind with the gentle winds caress my skin taking me  deep into my memories. It is as though I am leaving the world behind but standing on top of it all at once, healing all my oozing scars.

“A sunset is the sun’s fiery kiss to the night.” Crystal Woods



Dawn of hope.

The cloudy skies sometimes clear up to usher in the sun rising from the horizon through the dark clouds paving its way to the parading white fluffy clouds. The sun peeps out slowly and taking  the time to gaze at the horizon as  the sun breaks through the morning sky is truly magnificent. It could be a reminder of new beginnings and new opportunities. The dark clouds move in the morning sky as if kissed by the sun into brilliant white, moving over the sea changing shapes. The clouds drift lazily in the breeze without the destinations while the sun still peeps through them with a new hope of existence. It gives a sense of new beginnings with new seeds of courage

The  changing appearance of the sun is just like the changing emotions.  Every day there is change, the sunrise is never the same, neither is dawn but the end of the day, what remains of the body, mind, and soul is my true perception. And that part will never leave me whether I shine or not through my inner spark every moment. Sunrises are special, for it scripts a new day, so are sunsets as they give hope for a new day. I wake up or drag myself up to see the sunrises daily wanting to live life fully and passionately.

The gift of sunrise.

The sea is a calm, quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It is breathtaking to see the sky light up slowly in the early hours of the morning, watching dawn usher in the sun to brighten the day and the dark blue of the night fade away with the lavender light invading the horizon. The wonder of creation is known only when you take the time to watch it. The sunrise is one of the most beautiful sights of nature and without any doubt it stirs a peculiar emotion. The mere pleasant sight of sunrise calms the mind of the beholder. The first glimpse of the sun rising above the horizon could make your day.

There can be nothing more pleasing to the senses than the sunrise and sunsets both evoking different emotions altogether. Nature is at its best at this heavenly hour. It marks the journey of the sun in the sky, a small ball of light in the sky casting away the cloak of night. It is a rare joy to be awake at sunrise.

In the beauty of sunrise,
colors bleed through the sky,
making memories in the mind,
creating a bounce in everything,
to script another day.

The blushing dawn.

The dawn was gray, but with hues of the soothing lavender. The colors merged into pink and peach. I walked to the beach watching the colors of dawn. An early morning walk after three hectic months, my steps faltered making me lose balance. The silver gray water was shimmering, reflecting the sky that was painted with streaks of lavender and pink, the waves whispering.  Sometimes while describing the beauty of nature, words evade me. The view of the sky in wonderful hues of pink and lavender stirred my heart in awe and thrilled at the rare beauty that Mother Nature gifted me.

On an early morning, when the sun had still not awakened, the breeze of the wind caressed my body. It seemed so quiet and tranquil as I felt the waves wash away my footprints marked on the sand. The first time, grains of sand hurt my feet, but the foamy, bubbling waves soothed that pain away. The playful waves drenched me completely taking me quite unawares. The sounds of birds and the undulating waves brought a new rhythm to life. The landscape was so mysterious, shimmering and magical. It was a surreal mix of fact and fantasy. The sun refused to emerge out of the horizon, but its rays penetrated the gray clouds throwing its light around.

Everyone has a place of escape from all the pressures of life, which can soothe all troubles in times of stress. When I am at the beach all my troubles get erased, filling me with a tranquil peace.

The poise of dawn’s dim light,

muted the placid sky,

with blushing hues amidst gray,

smiling at the crack of day,

warming my inside with new hopes.

At ease in your own shell.

“Try to be like a turtle, at ease in your own shell.” Bill Copeland. There was a time I thought of this quote in a different perspective and wrote about it too. But today, after having gone through some bitter times in my journey of life and having learned lessons the hard way, it holds a different meaning to me altogether. There are a lot of different ways one could look at this quote…a lot of different perspectives to it. One way it means that a turtle living in its shell is quite comfortable in that way of life. For me, it always meant ‘Be yourself,” and be happy that way. I have always been comfortable being me….a rare kind and a rebel as I call myself always because I always question myself and everything that happens to me.

Another perspective of it, as I feel strongly today is, be yourself and just let things be….being in my own shell just taking care of myself…just loving…letting go what can’t be changed and leaving rest to time…not interfering space and allowing to grow….do what is to be done and stay in the shadows and watch with pride the growth of the ones you love. Be in your shell doing what makes me most happy. I feel that no matter what my appearance is, what I was, what I am, it doesn’t matter as long as I am me and I feel as amazing about myself as well as everyone else….Embracing who I am instead of trying to change it….

Another way I look at it is the turtle as an individual….the shell as the character and personality of an individual. Everyone has a different personality…the one each individual portray…there may be a reason to it…every turtle has a different shell and each one tries to be comfortable with it.

Today I like to look within myself, discover the wonders around me and be at ease within my own shell never ceasing to be who I am.

Truth of life.


The falling leaves speak

in whispers the reality of life

the silence in solitude

if you have a heart to listen.


Aging with seasons

transfiguring what existed

to embrace the real transition

lost in the winds of time.


In every fallen leaf is a soul,

that sighs as it falls,

with a pain of let go,

a yearning in the heart.


Causing a rustling sound

when tread on,

as it gathers in anticipation

to make a grave for a lost soul.

©Geetha Paniker