Interlaced web of resilience.

To find a wet spider web, covered with fresh raindrops is amazing. It is a moment to freeze, watching a spider’s web covered by a raindrops. It is very fascinating to look at it   after a rain, to notice spider webs glistening with water droplets. Silently a spider weaves its web with infinite artistry. Spitting out a silken thread, you wonder, what it is doing and how it makes ?.
The rain drops are stuck in the spider web creating beautiful shapes and patterns. Rain … Raindrops….both create magic around. A real life picture of morning raindrops on the tiny plants, giving life to keep them going is a magical sight. Rain drops can make a spider web look extremely beautiful. To look at a wet spider web, covered with fresh rain drops is amazing. Spider spins a web of stunning intricacy and profound beauty; when it rains the raindrops enhance its beauty with the glimmering strands of the Spider’s Web.

A deeper insight to a spider, makes me realize it’s resilience. A web with the raindrops makes it more beautiful. Even after it painstakingly weaves an artistically beautiful web, and is destroyed, the spider doesn’t get perturbed, it goes on to make another one, perhaps more beautiful than the earlier one. Such is its resilience. Raindrops which, crash into it from every side, catch on the silken threads and trickle slowly down. The web might shake and shiver, it will twist and turn into various different forms. Nevertheless, as long as its anchor points hold , it will resume its former shape as soon as the wind dies down and the raindrops dry up. A spider’s web is flexible enough to cope with disturbances and over a time damages to the web is repaired by its creator, the spider; patience and resilience to time and circumstances.

Spider’s web intricately woven,
laced like a luminous necklace
dangles from leaf to leaf
an artwork of threaded silk
with studded diamonds.

Raindrops quiver precariously,
as the radiance of awakening sun
shines upon the web
sparkling in splendor
swaying gently in the wind.

The artistically woven web
twinkle with raindrops
a whirlpool of desire
like a never ending spiral
creates a chandelier of emotions.


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