Whispering rain

It is a whisper in the air that welcomed me as I stepped out for my morning walk. soft rain, small pellets of water falling on my hands as a reminder to quench my soul. Rain fell like poetry; every drop a single letter in a song that took eons to sing. The rain had always been music, calling to me in ways beyond words. When the patter of the drops tumbles from gray skies the melody brings serenity no matter the chaos in life. Rain brings forth a lot of sweet memories.
Each droplet alighted on my skin with enough coolness commanding my mind to enjoy the magic of the present moment, to pull away from the pain. The beads of raindrops over my face joined to wash over me in a delicate cascade of trickles. I raised my eyes to the gray layer that touched the horizon , there were rays of light pushing through the dark clouds over the sea. In spite of the drizzling rain, the sun peeped out with hues of pink as if it was blushing with the kiss of the raindrops.
I stood there for a moment under the looming clouds. Then water began to sprinkle, cold and wet on my skin. Little droplets of water drenched me as I stood by the sea, the waves tickling me with mere tenderness. Drops of water trickled down my body as I stood there frozen, my gaze fixed on the horizon, staring at the beauty of the whole scenario.


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