The alluring Netravathi.

Life is made up of tiny little joys derived from everything around you. I believe life is in the little things, the tiniest ones.  Simple little things, when you connect the dots between all these little joys life seems fuller.  Little joys in life   are a celebration of life and feeling alive. Why does a river enthrall me? I really don’t know. I love nature or may be it teams up with life. Perhaps it is the tranquility of a river or the sight of water that has an instantly calming effect. The rivers look so amazing!

A river in the silhouette of the rising or the setting sun is a beautiful sight to behold, one that captivates the soul. It is a beautiful feeling to visualize drifting down the river, to a rendezvous with the setting sun. The setting sun disappears, with the twilight slowly creeping in hanging her colored curtain down with such a breathtaking beauty, that it reflects the same way in the river and the heart. The scenic beauty around Netravathi is awe-inspiring.

The softly meandering river, lush green banks, tall elegant trees, shimmering in the morning sun, is a spectacular sight.  The river spread before me like a broad belt of gold and silver brocade. It is breathtaking to view the rising sun mirroring in the almost unruffled water surface where a curled ripple in it like the tiny crest that glittered like a golden flame. The river, a sleeping cobra lying across the land in smooth seductive curves, beautiful in the morning light; the sight of a river makes my heat sink, with a yearning to be one with the river, drifting along in a canoe In the post-sunrise light the water sparkles,  beautiful like a painting. In the blinding light, the river looks like a semi-molten mirror.

The journey over the Netravathi is definitely alluring. I  felt  like a small excited child looking both sides to drink in its panoramic beauty, with small boats ferrying across, and the rains make it all the more beautiful. No wonder it has the capacity to allure as well as devastate.


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