The roseate dawn.

I wonder if there is anything  like watching a beautiful sunrise by the sea, to remind me that I am fully alive – enjoying those precious magical moments. Taking the time to gaze at the horizon while watching the  breakthrough of the dawn’s colors in the  sky is truly magnificent. It is a reminder of beauty in life.

As I stepped out  to take a short cut to the beach, I saw dawn’s dim light breaking out though it was still dark. The lights of an incoming flight   did light up my soul. When I reached the beach the sea was still dark with the rays of dawn brightening up, with the blinking lights of a few ships harbored there. One side of the beach was gray and the other side blue; but  both the reflection gave the sea a beautiful and inviting look, to venture into it. Dawn was flushing and the lights were gushing filling me with varied emotions. It was dusting the placid sky with tendrils of pink.

The breeze was cool and the splashing waves that caressed my aching feet was chill. A random thought came to my mind, “Real life has no filter.” Why I thought so, I really down know. But I knew that I wanted to savor every moment taking life as it is, a stream of one’s passion doing what you love the most.

The grains of sand hurt my bare feet as I walked along the wet sand as the waves came overlapping in a competing manner. The waves were in a mood of fun, making me wonder if they were overjoyed about something. They playfully overlapped each other  crashing down with sprays of water high and low. It looked to me as if they were having a competition as to which wave sprayed the highest. Walking along the beach, I was only too willing to get drenched by the spraying water from the waves. I realized that walking along the wet sand early in the morning was definitely healing.


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