Passionate thunderstorm.

A bolt of lightning tore across the sky and a peal of thunder followed; the rains lashed out in fury with raging wind. I love the forked flash of lighting and the applauding clap of thunder that follows it. The sighing wind thrashed the tree tops as the branches shook. The lightning and thunder continued their affair incessantly   with passion. The thundering sheet of rain lashed in fury and then subsided into a tender blowing breeze with a drizzle.

A thunderstorm is likened to the intense emotions that go on inside you.  Being embarrassed by your feeling is like being afraid of the climatic conditions because euphoric emotions are the weather conditions of the inner self, the real you. It’s not surprising that thunderstorm often bring out powerful emotions, ranging from excitement to fear…igniting your deeper selves. They have a great impact on you. It is the calm after a storm that matters.



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