Dawn of hope.

The cloudy skies sometimes clear up to usher in the sun rising from the horizon through the dark clouds paving its way to the parading white fluffy clouds. The sun peeps out slowly and taking  the time to gaze at the horizon as  the sun breaks through the morning sky is truly magnificent. It could be a reminder of new beginnings and new opportunities. The dark clouds move in the morning sky as if kissed by the sun into brilliant white, moving over the sea changing shapes. The clouds drift lazily in the breeze without the destinations while the sun still peeps through them with a new hope of existence. It gives a sense of new beginnings with new seeds of courage

The  changing appearance of the sun is just like the changing emotions.  Every day there is change, the sunrise is never the same, neither is dawn but the end of the day, what remains of the body, mind, and soul is my true perception. And that part will never leave me whether I shine or not through my inner spark every moment. Sunrises are special, for it scripts a new day, so are sunsets as they give hope for a new day. I wake up or drag myself up to see the sunrises daily wanting to live life fully and passionately.


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