The blushing dawn.

The dawn was gray, but with hues of the soothing lavender. The colors merged into pink and peach. I walked to the beach watching the colors of dawn. An early morning walk after three hectic months, my steps faltered making me lose balance. The silver gray water was shimmering, reflecting the sky that was painted with streaks of lavender and pink, the waves whispering.  Sometimes while describing the beauty of nature, words evade me. The view of the sky in wonderful hues of pink and lavender stirred my heart in awe and thrilled at the rare beauty that Mother Nature gifted me.

On an early morning, when the sun had still not awakened, the breeze of the wind caressed my body. It seemed so quiet and tranquil as I felt the waves wash away my footprints marked on the sand. The first time, grains of sand hurt my feet, but the foamy, bubbling waves soothed that pain away. The playful waves drenched me completely taking me quite unawares. The sounds of birds and the undulating waves brought a new rhythm to life. The landscape was so mysterious, shimmering and magical. It was a surreal mix of fact and fantasy. The sun refused to emerge out of the horizon, but its rays penetrated the gray clouds throwing its light around.

Everyone has a place of escape from all the pressures of life, which can soothe all troubles in times of stress. When I am at the beach all my troubles get erased, filling me with a tranquil peace.

The poise of dawn’s dim light,

muted the placid sky,

with blushing hues amidst gray,

smiling at the crack of day,

warming my inside with new hopes.


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