Monthly Archives: May 2016

At ease in your own shell.

“Try to be like a turtle, at ease in your own shell.” Bill Copeland. There was a time I thought of this quote in a different perspective and wrote about it too. But today, after having gone through some bitter times in my journey of life and having learned lessons the hard way, it holds a different meaning to me altogether. There are a lot of different ways one could look at this quote…a lot of different perspectives to it. One way it means that a turtle living in its shell is quite comfortable in that way of life. For me, it always meant ‘Be yourself,” and be happy that way. I have always been comfortable being me….a rare kind and a rebel as I call myself always because I always question myself and everything that happens to me.

Another perspective of it, as I feel strongly today is, be yourself and just let things be….being in my own shell just taking care of myself…just loving…letting go what can’t be changed and leaving rest to time…not interfering space and allowing to grow….do what is to be done and stay in the shadows and watch with pride the growth of the ones you love. Be in your shell doing what makes me most happy. I feel that no matter what my appearance is, what I was, what I am, it doesn’t matter as long as I am me and I feel as amazing about myself as well as everyone else….Embracing who I am instead of trying to change it….

Another way I look at it is the turtle as an individual….the shell as the character and personality of an individual. Everyone has a different personality…the one each individual portray…there may be a reason to it…every turtle has a different shell and each one tries to be comfortable with it.

Today I like to look within myself, discover the wonders around me and be at ease within my own shell never ceasing to be who I am.


Truth of life.


The falling leaves speak

in whispers the reality of life

the silence in solitude

if you have a heart to listen.


Aging with seasons

transfiguring what existed

to embrace the real transition

lost in the winds of time.


In every fallen leaf is a soul,

that sighs as it falls,

with a pain of let go,

a yearning in the heart.


Causing a rustling sound

when tread on,

as it gathers in anticipation

to make a grave for a lost soul.

©Geetha Paniker