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The fallen leaves, they dry up and when I place them in my hands, they are drier than anything else. If I take a few leaves and close my fist over them, they are just shattered, I can feel them and I know that once what was a complete form is only tiny fragments of what it was. I think of it on a tree, first just a tender shoot, the soft green of spring and life; then it matures to a beautiful foliage of colors. I hold a falling leaf in my hand and wish I could breathe life into them, but I know I cannot change what is and the cycle of life. It knows it has to fall off invariably to make a carpet below that would be tread upon, and with a sigh lies there knowing it is still useful in some way. A tiny soft sprout of the leaf with the passing of time gracefully turns into different colors of life and then liberates itself in a unique way, sliding down in the breeze as gentle as feathers.
In every fallen leaf is a soul,
that sighs as it falls,
with a pain of letting go,
a yearning in the heart,
gracefully glides down,
it piles up making a tapestry,
in anticipation of a new spring.
©Geetha Paniker

Caged Hearts.

When I step into the unknown,  I evoke a breath- catching feel of the ground dropping away from me; really feeling free in my mind. The greatest gift of love is to let go, trust and believe;  to become stronger and more resilient. Knowing that I cannot change anything but only my perception of everything, I let go of everything feeling free to soar high in the vast expanse of the sky.

“The heart strays carelessly,
without any strings,
till the dawn of that day,
it gets caged in love.”


In silence with sunset.

The evening sky ushers in a palette of magical colors, with an array of clouds expressing its emotions. When the last rays of the sun kiss the land, the blues and grey melt into beautiful hues that blend with the other. The trees and buildings create a lovely silhouette against the colorful sky. She notices that except for the call of the birds roosting, there is an amicable silence, that even slows down her hammering heart into a melodious rhythm filling her with a tranquil peace. Her shattered soul fills with colors of the sky easing her mind.

She loved sunsets for the very fact that it gave hope to her. She felt there is something beautiful about sunsets, and found it more fascinating that every sunset looked splendid. She chuckled thinking that some sunsets are romantic and some very philosophical. It is very intriguing and amazing to know that the affect of it is different with people. She wanted to travel far and wide watching sunsets and the beauty of nature, just to capture those moments of life.

She felt the onset of the golden hour where the sun set bringing forth a softer color of red, yellow and orange in the sky. She had the two words to describe the day’s sunset: the radiant beauty. The sun’s splendor delights the beholder’s eye….a magnificent gift from nature.She felt as if the colors and intensity of the light is just enough to calm you,   a great big romantic, an inspirational fire in the sky. It looked like a powerful symphony quieting down, becoming more emotional and beautiful as it dies down. She felt  it is a perfect companion waving goodbye to her, one she knew is   leaving but  filled with the confidence that she will see again.

Sunset is like silence of true love,
in a fusion of magical colors,
cares and hurts slipping through,
the grey and blues mingled,
with many emotions in,
picturesque gallery of the heart,
deluging  colors of the soul,
creating a landscape of passion.

©Geetha Paniker

A stab of love.

Looking at the sky she thought to herself that the quote, “Sunset is like the first stab of love,” was very true. She had always believed in a love that was beyond everything. She wistfully pondered on it – a love that was beyond any touch, words or any promises. A love where the eyes conveyed everything that lay untold in the very core of the heart, soul and mind. She wondered watching the changing evening sky from the colors of the sunset evening sky to the twilight sky, until darkness set it….if there was a love like that beyond everything else…..just the true ecstasy of loving and being loved beyond all touches and words. She felt the sky expressed everything to her.

The sky was ablaze with changing colors of yellow, orange, peach, purple and pink till the twilight curtain came down. She was in a state of euphoria seeing the vast expanse of the sky in a riot of beautiful colors with expressions of her soul written all over it. As she stood gazing at the sky, she couldn’t help wondering at the perfect blend of the sun and the sky, where they merged with the clouds to burst into a blaze of colors – a fiery orange to pearly pinks. The very fact that love was and is always presented in a whole range of colors hit her suddenly.- the sensuous blue to the melancholic grey.

When the twilight curtain faded away bringing in the darkness and the twinkling winking start, she realized that there was a deep rooted part of her soul that understood the connection between self-sacrifice and love. By giving so freely of herself, more than anyone could ever ask, she felt that the true language of love,  is  best spoken without words.

The first blush of love,
clings to the heart forever,
never deserts the soul,
memory of a special tenderness.

Pangs of love speak in multitudes,
the unrequited is an ache,
a bolt out of the blue,
defying duplication.

Unwritten are the words of love,
Inscribed in the heart,
engraved with emotions,
Among words and actions.


©Geetha Paniker