Forgotten heartbeats.

Something as simple as sitting in my balcony watching my winged friends gives me a tranquil inspiration. To watch the birds and be one with them, it is important to get in touch with silence. Early in the morning, they wake me up with their chirping. I sit in my balcony sipping my coffee or tea, and watch them flit from tree to tree, or chase one another playfully in the sky.

Every season brings some new birds, my winged companions. Every season there is something new that allure bird lovers. They always bring in lot of surprises. They flit around from branch to branch, but they fill my heart with a rare kind of joy. I love to watch them pruning their feathers so patiently, that I just keep gazing at them. I think that is the time they sit for long on the branches they are perched. It is believed that a bird’s attitude takes it a long way.

My balcony is my abode of peace. I watch the birds, the trees and its blossoms and the vast expanse of the sky. Nature is a place e where it is easy to focus on life. My balcony is a place I escape to put things in perspective. It includes both the physical and abstract things too for me. A tree and everything about it is special and evolves life. It gives me a sense of belonging like nothing else does. They bring back life in my heart and soul.


Winged companions tweet,

the most beautiful melody,

of the song in  my soul,
in the twilight magical hour.
Unnoticed and always present,
like a gentle heartbeat,
a fragile  throb of life,
that is beyond my realm.
With tiny flapping wings,
stirring my heart into knots,
they chirp joyfully,
leaving a loving sweet ache.
©Geetha Paniker.

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