Interlaced web of resilience.

To find a wet spider web, covered with fresh raindrops is amazing. It is a moment to freeze, watching a spider’s web covered by a raindrops. It is very fascinating to look at it   after a rain, to notice spider webs glistening with water droplets. Silently a spider weaves its web with infinite artistry. Spitting out a silken thread, you wonder, what it is doing and how it makes ?.
The rain drops are stuck in the spider web creating beautiful shapes and patterns. Rain … Raindrops….both create magic around. A real life picture of morning raindrops on the tiny plants, giving life to keep them going is a magical sight. Rain drops can make a spider web look extremely beautiful. To look at a wet spider web, covered with fresh rain drops is amazing. Spider spins a web of stunning intricacy and profound beauty; when it rains the raindrops enhance its beauty with the glimmering strands of the Spider’s Web.

A deeper insight to a spider, makes me realize it’s resilience. A web with the raindrops makes it more beautiful. Even after it painstakingly weaves an artistically beautiful web, and is destroyed, the spider doesn’t get perturbed, it goes on to make another one, perhaps more beautiful than the earlier one. Such is its resilience. Raindrops which, crash into it from every side, catch on the silken threads and trickle slowly down. The web might shake and shiver, it will twist and turn into various different forms. Nevertheless, as long as its anchor points hold , it will resume its former shape as soon as the wind dies down and the raindrops dry up. A spider’s web is flexible enough to cope with disturbances and over a time damages to the web is repaired by its creator, the spider; patience and resilience to time and circumstances.

Spider’s web intricately woven,
laced like a luminous necklace
dangles from leaf to leaf
an artwork of threaded silk
with studded diamonds.

Raindrops quiver precariously,
as the radiance of awakening sun
shines upon the web
sparkling in splendor
swaying gently in the wind.

The artistically woven web
twinkle with raindrops
a whirlpool of desire
like a never ending spiral
creates a chandelier of emotions.


Whispering rain

It is a whisper in the air that welcomed me as I stepped out for my morning walk. soft rain, small pellets of water falling on my hands as a reminder to quench my soul. Rain fell like poetry; every drop a single letter in a song that took eons to sing. The rain had always been music, calling to me in ways beyond words. When the patter of the drops tumbles from gray skies the melody brings serenity no matter the chaos in life. Rain brings forth a lot of sweet memories.
Each droplet alighted on my skin with enough coolness commanding my mind to enjoy the magic of the present moment, to pull away from the pain. The beads of raindrops over my face joined to wash over me in a delicate cascade of trickles. I raised my eyes to the gray layer that touched the horizon , there were rays of light pushing through the dark clouds over the sea. In spite of the drizzling rain, the sun peeped out with hues of pink as if it was blushing with the kiss of the raindrops.
I stood there for a moment under the looming clouds. Then water began to sprinkle, cold and wet on my skin. Little droplets of water drenched me as I stood by the sea, the waves tickling me with mere tenderness. Drops of water trickled down my body as I stood there frozen, my gaze fixed on the horizon, staring at the beauty of the whole scenario.

The alluring Netravathi.

Life is made up of tiny little joys derived from everything around you. I believe life is in the little things, the tiniest ones.  Simple little things, when you connect the dots between all these little joys life seems fuller.  Little joys in life   are a celebration of life and feeling alive. Why does a river enthrall me? I really don’t know. I love nature or may be it teams up with life. Perhaps it is the tranquility of a river or the sight of water that has an instantly calming effect. The rivers look so amazing!

A river in the silhouette of the rising or the setting sun is a beautiful sight to behold, one that captivates the soul. It is a beautiful feeling to visualize drifting down the river, to a rendezvous with the setting sun. The setting sun disappears, with the twilight slowly creeping in hanging her colored curtain down with such a breathtaking beauty, that it reflects the same way in the river and the heart. The scenic beauty around Netravathi is awe-inspiring.

The softly meandering river, lush green banks, tall elegant trees, shimmering in the morning sun, is a spectacular sight.  The river spread before me like a broad belt of gold and silver brocade. It is breathtaking to view the rising sun mirroring in the almost unruffled water surface where a curled ripple in it like the tiny crest that glittered like a golden flame. The river, a sleeping cobra lying across the land in smooth seductive curves, beautiful in the morning light; the sight of a river makes my heat sink, with a yearning to be one with the river, drifting along in a canoe In the post-sunrise light the water sparkles,  beautiful like a painting. In the blinding light, the river looks like a semi-molten mirror.

The journey over the Netravathi is definitely alluring. I  felt  like a small excited child looking both sides to drink in its panoramic beauty, with small boats ferrying across, and the rains make it all the more beautiful. No wonder it has the capacity to allure as well as devastate.

Feathered story

She felt an urge to soar high,

as she amassed the strength to fly,

with bold wings she flew,

yet was brutally clipped down.

She took the plunge down,

to land on placid waters,

drifting in its deluging beauty

while her wings healed.


The roseate dawn.

I wonder if there is anything  like watching a beautiful sunrise by the sea, to remind me that I am fully alive – enjoying those precious magical moments. Taking the time to gaze at the horizon while watching the  breakthrough of the dawn’s colors in the  sky is truly magnificent. It is a reminder of beauty in life.

As I stepped out  to take a short cut to the beach, I saw dawn’s dim light breaking out though it was still dark. The lights of an incoming flight   did light up my soul. When I reached the beach the sea was still dark with the rays of dawn brightening up, with the blinking lights of a few ships harbored there. One side of the beach was gray and the other side blue; but  both the reflection gave the sea a beautiful and inviting look, to venture into it. Dawn was flushing and the lights were gushing filling me with varied emotions. It was dusting the placid sky with tendrils of pink.

The breeze was cool and the splashing waves that caressed my aching feet was chill. A random thought came to my mind, “Real life has no filter.” Why I thought so, I really down know. But I knew that I wanted to savor every moment taking life as it is, a stream of one’s passion doing what you love the most.

The grains of sand hurt my bare feet as I walked along the wet sand as the waves came overlapping in a competing manner. The waves were in a mood of fun, making me wonder if they were overjoyed about something. They playfully overlapped each other  crashing down with sprays of water high and low. It looked to me as if they were having a competition as to which wave sprayed the highest. Walking along the beach, I was only too willing to get drenched by the spraying water from the waves. I realized that walking along the wet sand early in the morning was definitely healing.

The flamboyance of Gulmohar.

The Gulmohar trees enrich our lives, reassuring us with the rustle of their leaves and bring delight to us with their colorful blossoms. They seem to emanate a sense of permanence in our lives with their roots deep rooted in the earth yet touching the skies and understand their silences.

The fruits and seeds of a tree feed the body, but beauty feeds the soul. There are times we fail to observe nature surviving & blossoming in very severe climatic conditions. What is more uplifting than the sight of the Gulmohar flowers amidst the rainy weather?  At the end of summer, it cheers the soul as the petals unfold brightly on the trees and fall bravely to the ground.

It is a pleasure to see the tree-tops inflamed with red bright bursts all around. But as the pleasant breeze blows, the canopy of red flowers with streaks of orange, white and yellow present a beautiful picture to soothe the mind with nature’s beauty leaving us spellbound. The feathery fern-like leaves are exceedingly beautiful. It is vibrant and a great symbol of flamboyance.

The Gulmohar in full bloom stirs the heart of poets and lovers alike. I am reminded of the beautiful thoughts expressed poetically on the strikingly flamboyant blossoms by Sarojini Naidu.